Women's Organizations in the Valley

Topic Area Sub-topic Organizations Listed in Database Years of Operation City People Oral History Oral History Conducted Links Notes
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Women in Action Women's Coalition 1979 Northampton networking
Labor Skills Exchange 1976 Northampton
Labor Trades Carpentry
Labor Women Organizing for Occupational Health and Safety (WOOSH) 1980
Arts Visual Arts Ann Brauer **
Arts Programs Feminist Arts Program, Every Woman Center UMass
Arts Programs FLOWER, Inc
Arts Programs Fund for women's artist 1994 - 1998 Northampton Martha Richards
Arts Programs Women Artists Fund now WomenArts 1994 - Present Northampton now San Francisco
Labor National Lesbian Workforce Exchange 1979 Northampton Arts and Craft Benefit Show
Labor Job Resources Bank
Labor Center for Popular Economics 1979 Amherst Nancy Folbre, Emily Kawano
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Network
Social Change Support ARISE for Social Justice 1985 Springfield Christina Denmore, Ann Ferguson, Michaelann Bewsee poverty,anti-racism
Social Change Support Female Offender Project 1976 Springfield YWCA
Social Change Support Gay/Lesbian Informational Support Services (GLISS) 1984 Springfield
Social Change Support Group for Radical Older Women in Solidarity (GROWS) 1980 Amherst Every Women CEnter
Social Change Professional Groups Lesbians in the Social Services 1976
Labor Unions 12 to 1 Clerical Workers, Umass 1977 Amherst
Labor 9 to 5, Umass Boston working women's rights
Arts Visual Arts Drawing the Line photo exhibit
Arts Visual Arts Family Diversity (Love Makes A Family)
Arts Visual Arts Women's Film Coop 1974 part of former VWC
Arts Visual Arts Women's Film Festival Brattleboro
Arts Visual Arts Women's Show
Arts Literature Chomo Uri 1974 Amherst literary journal
Arts Literature Jane Doe 1982 South Amherst Hamsphire College Women's center, magazine
Arts Literature Mother Jones Press/ Megaera Press 1974 -1976 and 1976 - ? Northampton
Arts Literature National Women's Poetry Festival 1974
Arts Literature Stonewall Center Poetry Slams 1984 Amherst UMass
Arts Visual Arts Women's Art Day
Arts Visual Arts Women's Art Collective to 1977
Arts Visual Arts Wendell Women's Drawing Support Group
Arts Visual Arts Greenfield Art Center Shows Greenfield
Arts Visual Arts Herter Gallery show for International Women's Day
Arts Visual Arts Hestia Mural Collective 1980 Northampton Linda Bond, Mariah Fee, Susan Pontious, Rochelle Shicoff, Wednesday Sorokin
Arts Visual Arts Lesbian Art Show
Arts Visual Arts Lesbian Drawing Support Group 1976
Arts Visual Arts Of Many Colors Exhibit ? - Present Amherst Peggy Gillespie, Gigi Kaeser diversity
Arts Visual Arts Ralen's Art Studio
Arts Visual Arts Valley Women's Artists Annual Show
Arts Literature The Rock Anthology 1974
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Women Elders Empowerwment Network 1987 Northampton petitions
Social Change International Networks Committee on Non-Intervention El Salvador New York City Ann Ferguson
Social Change Philanthropy Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts 1997 - Present Easthampton Dianne Doherty, Sally Livingston, Martha Richards
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Amherst Women's Liberation 1973 - Amherst Mel Heath, Robin Dizard, Britt Averitt, Lorna Peterson
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Anita Hill and OJ Simpson Protest groups
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Center for Reflective Action
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Ceres Inc 1976 Northampton Women's Restaurant Project
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Diversity Works Amherst multiculturalism, diversity
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Emma Goldman Brigade Coca Crystal anarchism
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Feminist Works
Social Change Philanthropy Lucy Fund
Social Change Philanthropy Incourage: Lesbian Survival Support Fund Hadley funding, lesbians
Social Change Philanthropy Haymarket People's Fund 1974 - Present Jamaica Plain Funding, social justice
Social Change International Networks Esperanza
Social Change International Networks Feminist Aid to Central America 1990 - 2016 Amherst Ann Ferguson, Anne Perkins tri-state brigade, Nicaragua, brigadas companeras, mujeres constructores
Social Change International Networks International Women's Day Northampton, UMass Frances Crowe, Anne-Marie Rosso, Paki Wieland
Social Change International Networks Undoing Racism in Our Community (UROC)
Social Change International Networks Women of Venceremos Brigade 1970 Springfield Sandy Lillydahl, Trude Bennett, Rika Alper, Vicki Levins Gabriner, Leslie Cagan Cuba
Social Change International Networks Women's Committee of COCA
Social Change Advocay/ Mental Health Amherst
Social Change Philanthropy Community Emergency Fund
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Five College Socialist Feminists 1977 Amherst socialism
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Gay and Lesbian Activists (GALA) 1982
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Socialist Feminist Collective 1979 Amherst Karen Lederer, Cathy Dooley, Kathleen Reardon, Ann Ferguson Socialism
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Sojourn 1980 Northampton Shelter
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Springfield Women's Collective 1971 Springfield
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health STPEC Umass Amherst
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Task Force on Unemployment = same as Poor Women Task Force
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health The Women's Institute Northampton
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Valley Women Center 1970 Northampton Pat Sackrey, Nancy Greenman
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health UMass Coalition on Abortion and Day Care 1973 Amherst
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health WITCH
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Sisters on the Outside 1976 Amherst Assata Shakur and Yvonne Wanrow
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Sisterhood is Powerful Fund Robin Morgan
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Greater Wendell Women's Alliance Wendell
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Housing and Economic Resources for Women, HER Inc. Holyoke, Northampton homelessness
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Lesbian Empowerment Project
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Major Demos Against Pornography
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Minor Disturbances 1983
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health MORAL (Massachussets Organization for the Repaeal of Abortion Laws) = then Mass Choice and now NARAL 1972 abortion
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Not in Our Town 1988
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Poor Women's Task Force = now Center for Women and Community 1972 Amherst Pat Therese Francis Continued Education
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Queer Nation 1990 Boston
Arts Festivals Third Wave
Arts Festivals UMass Women's Cultural Week
Arts Festivals Wendell Country Women's Music Festival 1979 Wendell
Arts Festivals Women in Construction (CETA)
Business Councils Gay and Lesbian Civic Association of Springfield 1998 - Present Springfield Carol Scatolini, Rosemary Morin, William Conley non-profit
Business Councils Hampshire County Business and Professional Women Eleanor M. (Moss) Harvey
Business Councils Lesbian and Gay Business and Professional Alliance
Business Councils Northampton Area Lesbian and Gay Business Guild 1995 - 2012 Northampton, Hadley Donna Heinel, Jane Nevin, Wendy Simpson, Aliina Laine
Business Councils Women Business Owners Alliance of the Pioneer Valley 1982 - Present Westfield
Communication Bookstores Common Reader Springfield Flora Edwards
Arts Festivals The Grotto Northampton Gay bar and nightclub
Arts Festivals The Egg and Maragoths
Arts Festivals Five College Women's Cultural Festival
Arts Festivals Greasy Gorgon Garage 1976 Northampton lesbian led auto repair
Arts Festivals Green St. Cafe Closed 2012 Northampton
Arts Festivals Lesbian Homeshow/Bazaar
Arts Festivals MAC Construction
Arts Festivals North Star restaurant
Arts Festivals North Valley Typesetting and Graphics
Arts Festivals Northampton Lesbian Music Festival
Arts Festivals Perkins Construction
Arts Festivals Bela's
Communication Bookstores Food for Thought Books Amherst
Communication Bookstores World Eye Greenfield, Florence Jessica Mullins
Communication Newsletters Closet Door ? - Present
Communication Newsletters Common Womon Club
Communication Newsletters Community Women's Center
Communication Newsletters Feminist Studies to 1982
Communication Newsletters Franklin County Women's Coalition Journal
Communication Newsletters Gender in Formation
Communication Newsletters Hampshire College Women's Center
Communication Newsletters Job Action Center for Waitresses Tip-Off Newsletter
Communication Bookstores Womonfyre Books Northampton Jil Krolik
Communication Bookstores Women's Newstand 1975
Communication Bookstores Golliard Bookstore 1981 - 2008 Amherst Nat Herold
Communication Bookstores Lunaria 1976 - 2014 Northampton women's bookstore, no male authors
Communication Bookstores Oddysey 1983 - ? South Hadley Joan Grenier
Communication Bookstores Pride and Joy/ Pride's Northampton Jennifer Harlan, Joy Rain
Communication Bookstores Raven 1963 - Present Northampton John Petrovato, David Lovelace, Betsy Frederick
Communication Bookstores Sophia Bookstore 1993 - 2013
Communication Bookstores Spread the Word Distribution and People's Newstand 1995 - Present
Communication Bookstores Sweetcoming Bookstore moved to the EGG in 1977
Communication Bookstores The Book Swap
Communication Newsletters Lesbian Parents and Children
Arts Literature The Woman's Journal 1971 Northampton VWC
Arts Performing Arts Five College Dance Programs Amherst
Arts Performing Arts Five College Theater Departments Amherst
Arts Performing Arts Food Fright
Arts Performing Arts Lesbian Humor Night 1983 Amherst Hampshire
Arts Performing Arts Lesbian Talent Show 1975 Lesbian Gardens
Arts Performing Arts Raised by Lesbians
Arts Performing Arts Sacred Dances
Arts Performing Arts Sleeveless Theater School 1991 Northampton Lisa Channer
Arts Performing Arts Split Britches 1980 New York City Peggy Shaw
Arts Performing Arts Enchanted Circle 1976 Holyoke Priscilla Kane Hellweg
Arts Performing Arts Crescendo Productions to 1985
Arts Literature Valley Lesbian Writers Group 1987 - ? Tuesday night writing group
Arts Literature Voices of New Women 1973 FAC
Arts Literature Women's Poetry Reading 1973 Greenfield FAC
Arts Literature Writers Support Group, Valley Women's Center 1971 Northampton The Women's Journal
Arts Performing Arts Ad Hoc Women's Productions
Arts Performing Arts AFARCE
Arts Performing Arts Chrysalis Theater 1978 Andrea Hairston
Arts Performing Arts Clothesline Project 1990 Cape Cod Rachel Carey-Harper domestic violence
Arts Performing Arts Cindy Green Sunderland
Arts Performing Arts Stonesoup Productions Janine Haas
Arts Festivals 13th Moon
Arts Music Deadly Nightshade 1972 Ashfield Anne Bowen, Helen Hooke, Pamela Brandt lesbian band
Arts Music Five College Music Departments Amherst
Arts Music Hilltown Fling Agawam Asa De Roode, Laurie Stamell, Rosie Heidkamp, Shirley White contradance
Arts Music Ladies Chain
Arts Music Liberty Standing
Arts Music Lilith 1972 Beth Caurant, Peg Brewer, Marianne Pontoppidan, Deborah Cambri Campbell, Lou Crimmins, Laurel Blanchard, Jannis Warner
Arts Music Los Pleneros de la Salud Springfield Luis Melendez Puerto Rican Band
Arts Music The Sapphonics
Arts Music Valley Women's Chorus 1982
Arts Music Artandryl 1975-1976 Northampton Lesbian band
Arts Music 10% Review
Arts Performing Arts Take Back the Night 1977
Arts Performing Arts The BUDS
Arts Performing Arts Theater Too 1984
Arts Performing Arts Variations Productions
Arts Performing Arts Violet Ray Studio Theatre Northampton
Arts Performing Arts Willow Lamonte herbalist
Arts Performing Arts Women Present Women 1977 South Hadley Mount Holyoke Women's center
Arts Performing Arts Women's Community Theater
Arts Performing Arts Women's Pentagon Action 1980 Amherst Anna Gyorgy, Ynestra King
Arts Performing Arts WOW Productions Northampton Lesbian festival
Communication Newspapers Valley Women's Voice
Communication Newspapers Trivia: Journal of Ideas Lise Weil, Anne Dellenbaugh, Linda Nelson, Erin Rice and Kaye Parkhurst
Communication Newspapers The Lesbian Calendar Northampton Marie Louise Francoise, Pamela Kimmell
Communication Newspapers Rain and Thunder Northampton Claudine OíLeary and Nayiree Roubinian
Communication Newspapers Praxis
Communication Newspapers Old Maid Lesbian Newspaper Northampton
Communication Newspapers Full Moon
Communication Newspapers Fresh Ink
Communication Newspapers Dyke Undoings Northampton Valley WOmen's Union
Communication Newspapers Women's Column, Valley Advocate
Communication Newspapers Women's Page, Holyoke Transcript
Communication Radio and TV Women's Hour, WMUA
Communication Radio and TV Turkey Baster Specials
Communication Radio and TV Sing About It
Communication Radio and TV Sensible Shoes
Communication Radio and TV Saturday Talk Show, Amherst Women's Liberation
Communication Radio and TV Now's The Time
Communication Radio and TV NCTV, "Out and About" Northampton
Communication Radio and TV NCTV, "Fighting Back, Fighting Forward" Northampton
Communication Newspapers Women's Words
Communication Newspapers Dyke Doings
Communication Newspapers Blatant
Communication Newsletters LOGS (Lesbians of Greater Springfield)
Communication Newsletters Umass Women's Studies Newsletter
Communication Newsletters UM Staff Women's Newsletter
Communication Newsletters The Way We See It, Springfield Women's Liberation
Communication Newsletters Statue for Sojourner Truth
Communication Newsletters SHELIX
Communication Newsletters PVPGA Gayzette
Communication Newsletters PFLAG Amherst/Hadley
Communication Newsletters NOW Times
Communication Newsletters Valley Bisexual Network
Communication Newsletters Valley Women's Center
Communication Newsletters Valley Women's Union
Communication Newspapers Amherst Women's Liberation Series, Amherst Bulletin
Communication Newspapers Amazonian
Communication Electronic Media UMass Pink Pages Amherst
Communication Electronic Media queer-e, Stonewall Center newsletter Amherst Stonewall center
Communication Electronic Media Queer Hamp
Communication Electronic Media Pride Zone
Communication Electronic Media Pride Net Springfield Springfield College
Communication Electronic Media Lesbianville
Communication Electronic Media Inside Out (Valley Advocate) Northampton Kristin Palpini
Community Community Centers Springfield Women's Center
Community Community Centers Northampton Community Center Project
Community Community Centers Every Woman's Center
Agriculture Food Wendell Women's Land Trust Anne Perkins
Agriculture Food Mixed Nuts Coop South Amherst
Agriculture Food Community Canning Center
Agriculture Land Sue Atherton **
Agriculture Land Missy Bahret **
Community History New Alexandria Lesbian Library Florence Ben Power
Community History Sexual Minorities Archive Florence, Springfield Ben Power
Community History VWHC ** Amherst Kaymarion Raymond, Susan Tracy, Joyce Berkman
Community Community Groups Gray Panthers Amherst local chapter
Community Community Groups Girls' Club
Community Community Groups Free Boyz
Community Community Groups East Coast Female to Male Group Northampton
Community Community Groups DeColores
Community Community Groups Bi-women's Discussion Group
Community Community Groups African American Women's Sorority
Community Community Groups Accessibility Alternatives
Agriculture Land Lilian Jackman **
Agriculture Land Laura Dinwiddie **
Military Peace Groups Feminists Against Militarism South Amherst Hampshire College
Education Organizations Society for Women in Philosophy Kathy Pyne Parsons Addelson Archives at Sophia Smith
Education Organizations Gay and Lesbian Educators (GALE)
Education Preschool Non-Sexist Parents Coop Springfield
Education Preschool Mudpie Childcare Coop Springfield Ellen Meeropol Springfield Woman’s Union, created by the non-sexist parents coop
Education Conferences 2011 Berkshire Conference on Women's History Amherst Umass Amherst
Education Conferences 1984 Berkshire Conference on Women's History Northampton Smith College
Education Conferences 1978 Berkshire Conference on Women's History South Hadley Mount Holyoke
Military Peace Groups Pioneer Valley War Tax Resistance Greenfield Juanita (Morrow) Nelson, Wally Nelson
Military Peace Groups Town Mothers
Military Peace Groups Women Against Nuclear Destruction (WAND) Cambridge Helen Caldicott
Agriculture Land Jeanette Fellows **
Agriculture Land Amy Calendrella ** Nuestra Raices
Agriculture Land Allyson Angelini ** Ledyard Allyson Angelini Full Heart Farm, organic farming, umass
Military Veterans National Conference on Women and the Military
Military Veterans Lesbian and Gay Veterans, Pride March
Military Peace Groups Women's Peace Agenda
Military Peace Groups Women for Disarmament (Women for Survival)
Military Peace Groups Women Against War Northampton Valley Women Center
Health, Science, and Technology Mosaic
Health, Science, and Technology Sexual Abuse Lesbian Incest Survivors Therapy groups
Politics and Law Electoral Politics Women Working for Change
Politics and Law Electoral Politics Western Massachusetts Political Alliance (LGBT)
Politics and Law Electoral Politics Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus
Politics and Law Electoral Politics Institute for Teaching Politics
Politics and Law Women in Land Grant Universities
Politics and Law Lobbying NOW
Health, Science, and Technology Survivors of Incest Anonymous
Health, Science, and Technology Counseling Feminist Counseling Collective
Health, Science, and Technology Providers Community Health Care Project Women's Nights
Health, Science, and Technology Lesbian Bisexual Women's Alanon
Health, Science, and Technology Addictions AA groups for Women and Lesbians and Gays
Health, Science, and Technology Life Course Counseling Center
Health, Science, and Technology CIRCA
Health, Science, and Technology YONI Sexuality Project
Health, Science, and Technology Feminist Therapists (NOWCAT)
Health, Science, and Technology LBG Bereavement group
Politics and Law Public Policy Legal Compliance Committee
Politics and Law Public Policy Grand Jury Information Project
Politics and Law Public Policy Governor's Commission on the Status of Women Boston
Community Community Groups Old South Street Coop
Community Community Groups Northampton Pride March Ben Power
Community Community Groups Leverett Road Women's Collective Amherst
Community Community Groups Lesbian Couples Support Group of Franklin County
Community Community Groups Kaleidoscope
Community Community Groups Isis Bisexual Women's Support Group
Community Community Groups Hilltown West County CR group
Community Community Groups Green Street Tenants' Coop
Community Community Groups Older Lesbian Discussion Group (JOA)
Community Community Groups PFLAG
Politics and Law Public Policy Civil Liberties and Public Policy Center South Amherst Hampshire Collge
Community Community Groups Women of Color Leadership Network (WOCLN) Amherst New Africa House
Community Community Groups Wendell Women's Work Parties
Community Community Groups Wendell Women's Library
Community Community Groups Valuable Families
Community Community Groups Third World Women's Union
Community Community Groups Sunshine Club
Community Community Groups Pioneer Valley/ People's Gay Alliance
Committee Against Sexual and Racial Assault (CASARA)
Committee Against Repression
Services Ad hoc Committee Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Campus Campaign Against Pornography
Public Safety Assistance Artists Against Rape
Health, Science, and Technology Our Place
Health, Science, and Technology Jessie's House
Dyke Patrol
Hampshire County Rape Info/Prevention Program
Massachusetts Coalitionof Battered Women's Service Groups
Women Concerned with Rape
Rape Crisis Hotline (HERA)
Rape Counseling Services at Everywoman's Center
Project Empowerment
Nutcracker Suite, Valley Women's Marshal Arts
NELCWIT: New England Learning Center for Women in Transition) Greenfield
Necessities/Necesidades= safe passage
Health, Science, and Technology Shelters Grace House
Health, Science, and Technology Hospice of Hampshire County
Health, Science, and Technology HIV/AIDS Law Consortium
Health, Science, and Technology JANE
Health, Science, and Technology ISIS
Health, Science, and Technology Hampshire County Abortion Rights Coalition
Health, Science, and Technology CERRF
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health ABC Committee, Amherst Women's Liberation
Health, Science, and Technology SPIT theater group
Health, Science, and Technology Worthington Free Clinic
Health, Science, and Technology Family Planning,Tapestry
Health, Science, and Technology Western Massachusetts Abortion Counseling Group
Health, Science, and Technology Women's Health Counseling
Health, Science, and Technology Mental Health Mass Prevention Center
Health, Science, and Technology AIDS Allies
Health, Science, and Technology AIDS Action Committee of Western Massachusetts
Health, Science, and Technology AIDS ACT NOW
Health, Science, and Technology Pioneer Valley Breast Cancer Network
Health, Science, and Technology Breast Cancer Project
Health, Science, and Technology LEAH
Health, Science, and Technology Breast Cancer American Cancer Society
Health, Science, and Technology Offense Against Psychosurgery Fund
Dykes that Hike
DeColores Potluck
Social Groups Courage to Heal
Women's Volleyball League
Women's Crew
Valley Women's Martial Arts Easthampton Springfield Anet Aalfs
National Women's Karate Camp
Franklin County Lesbian Potluck
Lesbian Discussion Group
Longharied Bi Potluck
Magical Lesbian Playgroup
Older Lesbian Potluck
Stich and Bitch
Valley Women's Center Book Group
Venture Out
Wendell Lesbian Women's Potluck
Women Outdoors
Mary Vasquez Softball League **
Lassie League
In These Girls Hope is a Muscle, Basketball Team
Women's Issue Team, UMass
Recreation Spaces 616 Club
Cummington Swimming Hole
Dyke Beach
Gala Bar
Gotta Dance Studio
Hampshire Sauna
Lavendar Country and Folk Dancers
Lesbian Gardens
Sports Hampshire County Women's Soccer League
The Hangar
The Girl's Club (Our Hideaway)
The Frontier
Survivor's Project
Rainbow Connection (Indian Orchard)
Nutcraker's Suite: Women's Self Defense Karate Dojo
Education University and Colleges Women's Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst http://credo.library.umass.edu/view/full/mums531-oh-i001 Arlene Avakian
Education University and Colleges Women's Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst http://credo.library.umass.edu/view/full/murg1_207_2013-i063 Arlene Avakian
Education University and Colleges Women's Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst http://credo.library.umass.edu/view/full/murg1_207_2013-i104 Joyce Berkman
Education University and Colleges Women's Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst http://credo.library.umass.edu/view/full/murg1_207_2013-i066 Lee R. Edwards
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health ABC Committee, Amherst Women's Liberation Amherst http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums531
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health Florence Health Care Project Florence http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums531 Pat Green
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health Springfield Women's Health Center Springfield http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums532 Maurianne Adams
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health Women's Health Counseling Service Amherst http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums533 Ann Meeropol
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health Women's Health Counseling Service Amherst http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums534 Mary Moe
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health Women's Health Counseling Service Amherst http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums535 Sherill Oake
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health Women's Health Counseling Service Amherst http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums536 Lorna Peterson
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health Women's Health Counseling Service Amherst http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums537 Alice Zaft
Health, Science, and Technology Reproductive Health Women's Health Counseling Service http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums538 Betty Wright
Social Change Advocacy/Mental Health Amherst Women's Liberation Amherst http://scua.library.umass.edu/ead/mums532 Robin Dizard