The Valley Women's History Collaborative (VWHC) is an active group of students, scholars, archivists, and community volunteers dedicated to researching, collecting, preserving and publicizing the history of women committed to social justice for women, including but not restricted to self-identified feminists, lesbians, womanists, and queers in Hampshire, Franklin, and Hamden counties of Western Massachusetts from the mid-1960s to the present.

From Kitchen Table to Safe Haven

From Kitchen Table to Safe Haven: A Community Oral History Project of Domestic Violence Shelters

An opportunity to document the history of a network of domestic violence shelters established in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts in the early 1970s.

Women's Herstory Timeline

The Valley Women's Movement

A herstorical chronology compiled by Kaymarion Raymond, Elizabeth Letalien, Amy Silverstein, and Lisa Renzi.

Oral History Training

Oral History Training

Members of the Valley Women's History Collaborative conduct training sessions every year for any one interested in learning how to collect oral histories that serve the mission of the Collaborative.